What Are Our Membership Benefits?
There are plenty of business organizations out there that offer a variety of 'members-only' benefits...some lucrative...some not. There are plenty of organizations out there that promise to bring their member companies new customers or new business. However, there are very, very few business organizations that exist, whose primary mission it is to promote and protect small business, individual property rights and the principles of free enterprise!

Building North Central Washington is a member-driven organization that is passionate about promoting and protecting small business in NCW. We are an organization that is fully-committed to affecting change in the business environment...again, something that very few organizations are truly doing.

BNCW is singularly focused on utilizing accountability, tireless engagement and a grassroots approach to pushing back against an ingrained bureaucracy that is creating senseless, expensive and business-killing regulations everyday. Make no mistake, small business is under attack, in Washington State, as never before. As a small business owner, this is not news to you. 

If you're seriously frustrated and fed-up with having your hard-work jeopardized by this growing assault; along with the feeling that there's simply nothing you can do as a small business person to change course; we invite you to consider membership in Building North Central Washington

Click here to learn about a few of BNCW's key members-only discount programs. While we may not offer trinket "benefits" like some other organizations, we DO commit to a tireless and effective approach to countering the ongoing liberal assault being levied on small businesses. When you become a valued BNCW member company, we make a commitment to do our level best to PROMOTE YOU...REFER YOU...PROTECT YOU! Won't you join us?

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