The Objectives of Building North Central Washington are:

  • To associate organizations and individuals that are engaged in small business, in order to protect small business through the promotion of the principles of free enterprise.
  • To be aggressively involved in local policy-making in order to support good legislation, and defend against harmful legislation that impacts small businesses.
  • To ensure a fierce commitment to the accountability of local elected and non-elected officials.
  • To defend private property rights and protect against further erosion caused by ever-increasing regulation of land-use.
  • To provide educational opportunities for both Association members, as well as the general public, in an effort to help improve the small-business climate.
  • To develop and maintain strategic partnerships with other business and trade groups as a means for helping to accomplish the Association's mission.
  • To market and refer our members’ businesses to the public, while promoting events and networking opportunities that help to provide our members with a distinct competitive edge.

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